Increasing the value of coconut and improving strategic distribution and consumption of coconut-based products

A pioneer for organic integrated coconut processing company in Indonesia, PT Agro Manunggal Cocos (AMACOS) was founded in 2013 with the focus to establish a one-stop center that can allow for an interconnected processing and distribution of coconut supply and products.

For this purpose, we build partnerships with local coconut smallholders in Central Sulawesi and operate a pilot factory to process the coconuts that we get from the farmers into various coconut-based products, including coconut water, virgin coconut oil (VCO), coconut flour, copra and charcoal.

Our products come from fresh coconuts that are grown through responsible organic farming and processed in safe hygienic facilities, for best quality and healthy consumption.

Fostering partnership and mentorship to ensure the manufacture of organic products

AMACOS wishes to create real impacts on the livelihood of local coconut farmers

AMACOS focuses the operation on manufacturing of Organic products only. With the help from ECOCERT, an international organic certification organization, for almost one year we fostered the partnership and established mentorship with the farmers to ensure that coconuts that are grown in organic ways.

With the current supply of organic coconut from the local farmers that is about 75% of AMACOS full processing capacity, we plan to continue expanding the partnership opportunity even to other farmers around the region, up until we can fulfill the total production capacity of 550,000 coconuts per day.

With a greater vision to increase of the value of coconut and improve strategic distribution and consumption of coconut-based products at various regions around the country, AMACOS wishes to create real impacts on the livelihood of local coconut farmers and further promote Indonesia as a major global exporter of coconut products, especially considering the increase in global demands for coconut products and the potential that we can further develop from the vastly-spread coconut plantations throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

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Vision & Mission
To be one of Indonesia's leading providers of supreme quality organic coconut-based products
  • To increase the value of coconut-related products at one-stop processing centers all across Indonesia
  • To increase the income of Indonesian coconut farmers as a result of the increase in coconut value attributable to integrated coconut processing activities
  • To help farmers to switch from copra as their primary source of income to become a secondary source of income
  • To encourage farmers to establish an organic coconut reforestation program to ensure future supply of coconut